By Joyelle Worley — Loveland, Colorado … Spicy squash cashew dip and gluten-free apple crisp were just two of the mouthwatering culinary creations on display at the healthy cooking seminar on October 22, hosted by Campion church.

The seminar, the first outreach event held in the newly-built community center, brought members and friends together for a fun-filled and informative evening on how to cook using plant-based options.

Eric Aakko, a certified plant-based chef educator and author, demonstrated his accented-with-fall, homemade dishes, including his oil-free, gluten-free apple crisp, and his original spicy squash cashew dip.

Attendees not only tried the foods that were baked or blended on the spot, but also took home recent research on living life to the max through eating whole foods, including an article titled, “Health Benefits of the Recovery Smoothie Ingredients.”

Aakko, having a passion for healthy eating and exercise, took the opportunity to share an update on his recovery from a severe bike accident earlier in the year.  [To read about Aakko’s bike accident and the miracles he experienced, please click here.

If you would like to learn about Aakoo’s plant-based solutions in cooking, visit; and look for some of his favorite recipes in his new cookbook: Clean Endurance.

Joyelle Worley is a member of the Campion Church communication team; photos by  Eric Aakko, Debby Worley, and Nestor Soriano