By Marsha Bartulec – Erie, Colorado … Vista Ridge Academy students lined the school driveway on Friday, October 23 to honor the pastors of their constituent churches with an appreciation parade.

Honorees of the parade were greeted with student-created posters and were cheered as they drove by the crowd that had assembled.

J Murdock, Boulder pastor, brought his extra hand to give fist bumps to the students as he drove by. “I love any chance I get to see the students,” says Murdock.

After the parade, each pastor was presented with a gift basket filled with some of their favorite things.

Reflecting on the event, Herbert Hernandez, Chapel Haven pastor, said, “We really appreciate all the gifts. Thank you for doing this.”

With pandemic restrictions, pastors haven’t been able to be on campus much this year; but they still have had the opportunity to participate and lead the students in chapel every Friday via zoom.

Principal Sandy Hodgson is thankful to have supportive pastors. “Seeing the excitement of [the] students as they celebrate our pastors in some small way was a blessing,” says Hodgson.

Both the VRA staff and students are looking forward to the time when they can all be together again for chapel in the library.

Marsha Bartulec is vice principal of Administration at Vista Ridge Academy; photos by Marsha Bartulec