Tiffany Mogaka – Loveland, Colorado … The Campion Adventist Academy gym came alive May 20 as the Academy held its highly anticipated Award’s Night and annual Pop’s Concert. The event showcased the musical talents of students and recognized their outstanding athletic, academic, and artistic achievements.


Campion’s orchestra opened the concert with the selections City of Stars and Highlights from Grease, an extravagant commencement to the event. 


Orchestra violinist, Shawn Furgurson, commented, “The music was really fun to perform. The piece Highlights from Grease was a struggle to learn, but I would definitely say that it was well worth it. Being able to open up the concert was a thrilling experience. It allowed me to reminisce about the past year’s performances because this was the last concert of the year.” 


Students from the various music departments, including Jazz Band, Bells, Chorale, and Koinonia choir, showcased their incredible talent and hard work through a delightful array of performances prepared under the guidance of Campion’s music director, Cecilia Simmons. 


Senior, and Koinonia member, Melody Mambo reflected, “My highlight of the concert was when Koinonia sang Stand Up, which is our favorite. It was cool to show our creativity with this song. I also enjoyed the theme and detail that Miss Simmons put into prompts to introduce each presentation. It was overall a memorable experience.”


Between each performance were moments of recognition and celebration as deserving students were acknowledged for their remarkable achievements. Awards were presented for a wide range of accomplishments, including academic excellence, leadership, musical, and athletic recognition. 


Senior Ana Segawa commented, “I found it wholesome to watch people get recognized for their accomplishments. This school year was hard, but it felt nice to receive appreciation and to be able to celebrate that with my friends and staff members who have always been so supportive.”


At the end of the event, students and staff gathered in the chapel to watch presentations by the current dorm staff announcing next year’s Resident Assistants. They enjoyed a selection of animation video projects and appreciated the year-end video prepared by Campion’s Student Association (SA) tech director, Ciara Felix.


Carla Ramos, a senior, recounted, “I really loved seeing the end of the year video. It took me back to all the highlights and fun memories from this year. It was a wonderful way to end a fantastic evening and great year.” 


—Tiffany Mogaka, Campion Student News Team. Photos supplied.