Kelly Loney, Emily Woodhull, and RMCNews – Denver, Colorado … Two Adventist teams ran the Colfax Marathon relay race in Denver, Colorado, on May 21 raising money for World Vision International, a well-known Christian humanitarian organization. The money raised was going to fund projects that would bring clean water to communities globally.

One relay team was from Newday Adventist Church in Parker, Colorado, and the other was from LifeSource Adventist Fellowship in Denver, Colorado. Each team supplied five runners to run/walk a certain portion of a full marathon of 26.2 miles. This was the ninth year a Newday team and the third year a LifeSource team had participated in the race.

One runner from Newday Church also completed her first marathon, and five other Newday runners finished their first half-marathon (13.1 miles).

Kelly Loney, director of communication at Newday Adventist Church, and Emily Woodhull, Newday team co-captain, remarked, “That is incredible … not only did they run/walk much longer than most of us would ever dream of doing ourselves … but they also raised funds with Team World Vision to bring clean water access to places that need it.”

At this year’s race, Team Newday raised $44,650 which provides clean water for 893 children. Team LifeSource raised $9,418 which provides clean water for 188 children. For the nine years that Team Newday has been involved with the race, they have raised an astounding $509,555 which provides clean water to 10,191 children!

Co-captain, and runner on the Newday Team, Steve Cochran said, “Being able to be a part of what God has done is incredible. It humbles you to know what we can do when we come together as the body of Christ, even if it is just getting off the couch.”

The church leadership thanks those who ran, who supported financially, and who cheered the group on from the sidelines. One hears that once you run one you want to run another!

Way to go Team World Vision Newday and LifeSource runners!

—Kelly Loney is the director of communication at Newday Adventist Church, and Emily Woodhull is a Newday Team co-captain and runner. Photo supplied.