Jodie Aakko – Brighton, Colorado … May is a busy time of year, and Brighton Adventist Academy students were busy celebrating science explorations and congratulating proud graduates.

On May 11, a large crowd gathered in the new Brighton Seventh-day Adventist Church fellowship wing to view sixty science projects completed by the school’s future scientists, ages preschool through grade ten. Students displayed their projects on presentation boards.

“I learned every step of the scientific method! And I am just in kindergarten,” Jose Santos, a kindergarten student, proudly commented.

Jace Meyers, a tenth-grade student, explained, “I never thought I would get away with sounding a blow horn next to my teachers at school, but my project involved comparing blood pressure rates under stress changes. I charted the changes in blood pressure under calm conditions versus loud conditions.”

“I tested the effectiveness of materials in a home-made solar oven. Best smores I ever ate!” exclaimed Lili Marr, a sixth-grade student.

At the completion of the event, the fine arts classes presented musical pieces: hand chimes, band, ukulele, and K-4 choir. “Band and ukulele are fun groups, and we are sad that Mr. Dunkin is retiring. He picked fun songs like Star Wars, Snake Bite, Fantastic Foster, On Broadway, Down on the Corner, Enjoy Yourself, and Don’t Fence Me In,” said Ericsson Aakko, a fifth-grade student.

Students donned graduation caps and gowns for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten graduation on May 12 and eighth grade graduation on May 18. The young graduates were inspired by speaker Unna Trunkenbolz to become an everyday hero, and the older graduates were inspired by speaker Wayne Morrison, pastor at Brighton Church, to soar like an eagle to new heights and hew educational horizons.

“When you wait on the Lord, you can soar higher than your biggest dreams, and your strength will be renewed,” commented Pastor Morrison.

—Jodie Aakko is the Brighton Adventist Academy principal. Photos supplied.