In the Winter Issue:

Welcoming Them Back by Ed Barnett
It’s Easier to Hate Than to Love by Ron Price
Be Reformed!” True Reformation by Reinder Bruinsma
Duplo and Technic Faith Development by Japhet De Oliveira
The Art of Contentment by Dena King
A Guilty Heart is Not a Cheerful Heart by Doug Inglish
When to Be Rubber and When to Be a Sponge by Carol Bolden
How Your Generosity Supports the Church by George Crumley
Adventist Education Is for Everyone
Generalizing Jesus Out by Jessyka Albert
Keeping Them in . . . by Michelle Morrison
Driven! by Samantha Nelson
Voice of Prophecy Evangelism Boot Camp by Michele Stotz
Faithful Against All Odds by Rajmund Dabrowski

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Editorial Assistant: Carol Bolden [email protected]
President: Ed Barnett [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Eric Nelson [email protected]
Treasurer: George Crumley [email protected]

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