In the Spring Issue:

Dusting Up Your Church Board Ed Barnett
How Spiritual Discipline Can Improve Daily Life Ron Price
How Peculiar Should We Be? Reinder Bruinsma
The Sabbath of Hope Barry Casey
When Others Are Hurting David Sedlacek
Our (In)complete Adventist Transfigurationism Nathan Brown
When Does Tyranny Become a Virtue? Dick Stenbakken
Home Sweet Home Kiefer Dooley
Install Update Now! Jessyka Dooley
Humility First Doug Inglish
Letting Go: How to Heal Your Past Shayne Mason Vincent
Are You Afraid of the Saints? Steve Nelson
Don’t Plant a Church for the Wrong Reasons José Cortes, Jr.
Let Women Lead Ardis Stenbakken
To Be Filled With Peace Becky De Oliveira
“All I Asked for Was a Sandwich” Danielle Toddy
A Whiff of Fresh Air Rajmund Dabrowski


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