In the Spring Issue:

How Leaders Lead by Ed Barnett
On Becoming Truly Changed by Ron Price
Reading the Bible by Reinder Bruinsma
Act Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly by Zdravko Plantak, PhD
Everyone Welcome by Nathan Brown
A Word to My Fellow Tenants by Doug Inglish
#AdventistChurchToo #AreWeASafePlace? by Samantha Nelson
Why Is Our Preaching Not Working? by Micheal Goetz
Ministers Can Be Winners by Mickey Mallory
I Am by Keifer Dooley
Lessons from Drake by Jessyka Albert
Connecting With Neighbors by Dany Hernandez
Jumping Off the Bridge Can Be Hazardous to Your Health by Mike Ryan
The Story Behind the Church Logo by Rajmund Dabrowski
Life-changing Stories from Denver by Carol Bolden
Infectious Authenticity by Rajmund Dabrowski

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