By Dorie Pangananiban – Farmington, New Mexico … La Vida Mission continues to provide basic needs for the community, even though the Navajo Nation is under another lockdown.

The Navajo Nation has been an epic center for the pandemic.  In the months of April and May, they had the highest per capita COVID infection rate in the country, surpassing even New York City.  While the lockdown is an attempt to provide safety, it undeniably makes life harder for Native Americans to get around and to secure food for their daily needs. The loss of numerous jobs and the resultant income left many families struggling.

During these difficult times of lockdown, La Vida Mission campus has never shut down but has continued to bless the Navajo community through its emergency relief operation, supplying food, fresh produce and propane refills to those in need who are impacted by this ongoing, seemingly never-ending, pandemic.

How is La Vida Mission able to continue this?

The mission has held eight community outreach events, giving them the ability to help more than 1,200 families with food boxes and propane refills.

La Vida Mission has become a “depository” of God’s blessings sent through numerous partners in ministry.

Most recently, the Partnership with Native Americans (PWNA) delivered twenty pallets of groceries, other essentials, personal care items, and 200 cases of fresh produce, which filled the gymnasium.  These donations were used during the month of September to provide relief at three community gatherings.

In late September, PWNA donated another 200 cases of fruits and veggies allowing for another food giveaway to the community during the first week of October.

“While many services around us are closed (we’ve received several calls from people and agencies who have told us that they are closed, but that they’re happy we’re open and they would channel their donations through us), we truly praise the Lord for keeping La Vida Mission, this “light on a hill”, shining and making a difference by impacting the lives of our Native community in this dark time of global pandemic,” Dorie Panganiban, La Vida outreach director, stated.

The annual La Vida Mission drive is taking place in November.  Click for a list of needed items and pick-up locations.

Dorie Panganiban is La Vida Mission office manager and outreach director; photos supplied.