By Karrie Meyers – Highlands Ranch, Colorado … Mile High Academy teachers and members of the administration are visiting student homes this summer with signs of encouragement.

Typical summers at Mile High Academy include home visits with current and new student families. This summer, those visits look different due to social distancing requirements.

MHA teachers and staff are still embracing the opportunity to connect with families, but instead of visits inside the home, these visits are taking place in front yards with signs reading, “This family is loved and prayed for by Mile High Academy”.

“I loved seeing the students,” Taryn Clark, MHA’s fifth-grade teacher stated. “It was fun to see their excitement, to have them show us their bikes, scooters, rollerblades, pets and all the things that have kept them busy this summer.”

“MHA’s teachers have missed seeing their students,” Jamie Frain, MHA’s principal commented. “For most, the last contact with their students was via Zoom. Handing out yard signs is an opportunity for teachers to have in-person connection with their students. While a simple gesture, the yard signs also share with the neighborhood just how much MHA loves its students and families.”

“Even from a distance, it was great to see the faces and hear the voices of our students and families. It makes me excited for a new school year,” Rebecca Berg, upper school teacher and chaplain reflected.

Mile High Academy’s administration and teachers are planning for the upcoming school year with the anticipation of welcoming students on campus August 17.

–Karrie Meyers is Mile High Academy’s communications, development & records assistant; photos by MHA teachers

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