By Gabriela Vincent – Casper, Wyoming … The Casper church was able to distribute 100 food boxes to the community, thanks to a grant from Adventist Community Services.

Nancy Sybrant, local ACS leader, together with the Casper church, prepared boxes of food, each with enough for a family of four. Casper’s Home Depot donated the boxes, allowing for the purchase of additional food items for the community.

After advertising the food drive on the local Facebook classifieds, volunteers distributed the boxes to local residents. This allowed them the opportunity to visit and pray with the community.

“We could have just done a drive through, I know. It would have been much easier considering the amount of deliveries,” Shayne Vincent, pastor of the Casper district said. “It was such an incredible blessing to just visit and pray with people without an agenda. And it showed in their gratitude.”

“My husband and I had a very positive experience delivering food boxes to those who signed up online for them. We had some good conversations and were able to pray with several of the people,” Sybrant commented. “One gentleman said his wife worked at a home for abused women and her plan was to share the food with some of the ladies there. Going on God’s errands is such a blessing.”

The community was thankful for the visit and the food baskets. “Wanted to let you know that six people here in the building were helped by the generosity of your food box. Thank you very much,” said one recipient.

“Thank you so much for the box of food that was left. Absolutely perfect food for my grandkids. The generosity shown by your church and those who donated is so very much appreciated by us. Air hug, seriously, because words cannot convey the appreciation. I do have a question for you Seventh-day Adventists, do you worship (as a congregation) on Saturdays, as that is the seventh day of the week? Thank you, again,” commented another recipient from the community.

The Casper church would like to thank the NAD, RMC ACS, Casper ACS, Casper Home Depot, and all the volunteers who gave their time to make this community project a success.

–Gabriela Vincent is a member of the Casper, Wyoming church; photo supplied.