By Jon Roberts – Littleton, Colorado … “Littleton Church, I would like to introduce your new senior pastor, Chris Morris,” Mic Thurber, RMC president, announced to the Littleton congregation.  In response, the members applauded Morris, welcoming him to his new position.

The pastoral search committee narrowed their search for a lead pastor down to one individual who has been serving the church as associate pastor since July of 2020.

Brodie Philpott, head elder, and pastoral search committee lead, explained the process to the Littleton Church members in the church newsletter. “The search committee voted unanimously to recommend Pastor Chris to the church board as senior pastor. The board then met the next day and confirmed the church’s support for Pastor Chris with another unanimous vote. Meeting with the board, Mic Thurber informed its members that RMC had pre-approved the hiring of Pastor Chris and that, as of the vote, his hiring was official!”

The search committee included members of all ages, including Noah, a junior in high school.  He said Morris was the right person for the job because, “He is kind, he listens, he loves the community of all ages, and he works hard to do everything possible to make people feel welcome.”

Thurber began the installation service by reading from Psalm 105. He then pointed out that Morris has already done many things the verse indicates. Addressing Morris, Thurber said, “You’ve been named to be senior pastor here, and that’s a fantastic, wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean you’ve arrived.  You will need the Lord every single day of your ministry life here.  What I am grateful for and have already seen in you is that’s your pattern anyway, so keep that up and God will continue to bless you in powerful and mighty ways with your church family.”

Morris said, “The love I have for the Littleton church family is indescribable.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to minister alongside such a loving group of people.  We have a work to continue for God’s kingdom.  Let’s continue to glorify Christ and His word, live in loving community, and fulfill our calling as Christ’s disciples!”

The search committee’s work isn’t finished yet as they now switch to locating the associate pastor God has already called to work beside Morris and lead the Littleton church family.

–Jon Roberts is RMC communication/media assistant; photos by Jon Roberts

Pictured left to right – Mic Thurber, RMC President; Chris Morris, Littleton Church senior pastor; Brodie Phillpott, Littleton Church head elder