By Jacqueline Kobagaya – Loveland, Colorado … Literature ministry continues to engage Campion Academy students in its program in the current school year. Fourteen students are canvassing the local area with the help of Matt Hasty, RMC literature ministry (LM) program director and four young adult volunteer leaders, who are selling religious books and sharing the gospel through conversations and GLOW tracts.

Reflecting on the program, Eva, a sophomore at Campion, recalls that at first “[she] was hesitant to do the summer LM program, but my parents and friends encouraged me to do it, and I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes, I feel like God can’t or doesn’t want to use me, but He always finds a way.”

She adds that she enjoys the work because her relationship with God has been strengthened through witnessing. “There are so many stories where I saw God working,” she reflected.

“There was one particular day when we were traveling in New Mexico where I didn’t feel like going out, but of course, I went anyway. I felt like God was going to do good things, but just not through me,” she explained.

“Eventually, I came up to this mobile home, still feeling extremely discouraged. There were dogs barking at me at the gate, which scared me, so I said a quick prayer as I went up to a man sitting on the porch,” she recalled. “I gave him the usual canvassing speech, but the conversation turned to how a few years back he had converted to Adventism and how his life had changed since. He went on to buy the entire collection of books I was carrying, and I even prayed with him. I knew God had led me there.”

During the school year, students go out five days a week in morning and afternoon shifts to share the gospel of Jesus with the community.

–Jacqueline Kobagaya is a Campion senior; photo supplied