18 Nov


By Jacqueline Kobagaya – Loveland, Colorado … Campion students had some very important visitors visit the campus November 12 – 14– their parents.

Campion Academy hosted a weekend showcasing student accomplishments which included musical programs, fun activities on Saturday night for all, and one-on-one discussions with teachers and parents to give academic updates.

The weekend began with a vespers concert which included performances by all of the ensembles: El Shaddai Ringers (handbells), Golden Harmonies (advanced handbells), Mountain Echoes Chorale, Koinonia (select choir), and the orchestra.

“I loved having my parents here this weekend, and it was such a blessing for me to be able to perform our songs for everyone. It was a busy weekend but a ton of fun,” Gwyn, a senior, said.

For Sabbath services, the music department continued to highlight the different musical groups as students led the church program.

Later in the day, it was time for fun and relationship-building with activities such as cake walks, hayrides, and a chalk art contest. However, the highlight of the night was the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Students, families, and staff members competed against each other for bragging rights.

“It was really fun to have my parents come for the weekend. I got to play in the basketball tournament with my dad, and we got 2nd place,” Kylie, a senior, recalled.

The weekend concluded Sunday morning with students and families meeting in the Campion gym for parent-teacher conferences and presentations from the sophomore English class and A&P class. The English class re-enacted a shortened scene from Romeo and Juliet, showing off their acting skills, while the A&P class presented the songs they wrote about the bones in the body.

Although not every parent was able to be at the school, they still were able to watch performances and join conferences online.

“Although I was not able to be there in person, I enjoyed being part of Parent’s Weekend through Zoom and Facebook. I particularly enjoyed the music programs. A big thank you to all the students, staff, and everyone that made it possible,” Bahati Ayugi, Campion parent, said.

–Jacqueline Kobagaya, photos by Love Pickle

11 Nov


By Jacqueline Kobagaya – Loveland, Colorado … The Campion pastors hosted a dinner on November 5 for the NextGen Pastors aimed to provide ministerial experiences, share stories, answer questions, and mentor them.

NextGen Pastors is a program created by the Campion church for youth and young adults who feel inspired to go into ministry and to guide them through their first steps.

Each pastor shared their experiences about how they felt called by God, even if the journey wasn’t easy or short.

Carlos Santana, who is currently studying theology at Southwestern Adventist University, shared how God has always been weighing on his heart. He said, “I knew early on about Christ, but I also ran away from it. Once I stopped caring about what others thought, I let God take control and let things fall into place.”

The participants connected with the stories, and also shared how they felt called into ministry.

Samuel, a sophomore, said, “After hearing all of these experiences, I feel even more encouraged to go into this field. Their passion and stories show us in the younger generation what we can be in the future.”

Micheal Goetz, senior pastor at Campion church encouraged the students, saying, “If you feel God tapping on your shoulder, listen to it! You’re not going to fit a certain mold or look like other people around you. God has a special plan just for you.”

–Jacqueline Kobagaya, photos supplied

07 Oct


By Jacqueline Kobagaya – Loveland, Colorado … Literature ministry continues to engage Campion Academy students in its program in the current school year. Fourteen students are canvassing the local area with the help of Matt Hasty, RMC literature ministry (LM) program director and four young adult volunteer leaders, who are selling religious books and sharing the gospel through conversations and GLOW tracts.

Reflecting on the program, Eva, a sophomore at Campion, recalls that at first “[she] was hesitant to do the summer LM program, but my parents and friends encouraged me to do it, and I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes, I feel like God can’t or doesn’t want to use me, but He always finds a way.”

She adds that she enjoys the work because her relationship with God has been strengthened through witnessing. “There are so many stories where I saw God working,” she reflected.

“There was one particular day when we were traveling in New Mexico where I didn’t feel like going out, but of course, I went anyway. I felt like God was going to do good things, but just not through me,” she explained.

“Eventually, I came up to this mobile home, still feeling extremely discouraged. There were dogs barking at me at the gate, which scared me, so I said a quick prayer as I went up to a man sitting on the porch,” she recalled. “I gave him the usual canvassing speech, but the conversation turned to how a few years back he had converted to Adventism and how his life had changed since. He went on to buy the entire collection of books I was carrying, and I even prayed with him. I knew God had led me there.”

During the school year, students go out five days a week in morning and afternoon shifts to share the gospel of Jesus with the community.

–Jacqueline Kobagaya is a Campion senior; photo supplied