By Jacqueline Kobagaya – Loveland, Colorado … The Campion pastors hosted a dinner on November 5 for the NextGen Pastors aimed to provide ministerial experiences, share stories, answer questions, and mentor them.

NextGen Pastors is a program created by the Campion church for youth and young adults who feel inspired to go into ministry and to guide them through their first steps.

Each pastor shared their experiences about how they felt called by God, even if the journey wasn’t easy or short.

Carlos Santana, who is currently studying theology at Southwestern Adventist University, shared how God has always been weighing on his heart. He said, “I knew early on about Christ, but I also ran away from it. Once I stopped caring about what others thought, I let God take control and let things fall into place.”

The participants connected with the stories, and also shared how they felt called into ministry.

Samuel, a sophomore, said, “After hearing all of these experiences, I feel even more encouraged to go into this field. Their passion and stories show us in the younger generation what we can be in the future.”

Micheal Goetz, senior pastor at Campion church encouraged the students, saying, “If you feel God tapping on your shoulder, listen to it! You’re not going to fit a certain mold or look like other people around you. God has a special plan just for you.”

–Jacqueline Kobagaya, photos supplied