Heidi Carpenter – Denver, Colorado … LifeSource Adventist Fellowship hosted “Nourish,” an event focused on healthy cooking demonstrations, food sampling, and useful health information, January 21. The 28 attendees were a mix of church members, their friends, and guests from the community who all sat down together to learn and enjoy.

Stephen Harris, long-time cook and personal trainer, took the time to share from his experience in the kitchen. Harris shared recipes for four delicious entrees and four soups, all using a variety of vegetables and grains. His insight into food preparation was inspiring.

Attendee Rebecca Barcelo said, “I learned some patterns that can make meal prep easier.” An anonymous attendee commented on the follow-up survey: “Stephen’s presentation was excellent. Loved his tips on how to prep and adjust things for recipes.”

Kira Street, LifeSource member, helped prepare some of Stephen’s delicious entree recipes in the kitchen behind the scenes. Street shared what she learned in this hands-on space: “It didn’t take a lot of time or much prep work, and it came out to be a delicious, healthy dish. It’s something I can easily incorporate into my own cooking routine, probably using pre-chopped veggies to make it go even quicker.”

As a part of the program, Dr. Laura Candia shared insights into the connection between adopting a Mediterranean diet and strong mental health. Her presentation stimulated thought and left the attendees wanting to make the healthy choices that would lead to optimal brain health.

Attendees are looking forward to more mingling, tasting, and learning at the next LifeSource “Nourish” event this coming Fall.

—Heidi Carpenter is the LifeCycle Coordinator at LifeSource Adventist Fellowship. Photos supplied.