By DeeAnn Bragaw – Denver, Colorado … Rocky Mountain Conference prayer ministries will hold a special online prayer conference on Thursday, August 6, at 6:30 p.m. for our teachers, students, and parents as they return to their classrooms later in August.

Keys are important. They open vital elements of our lives while some keys help to provide power. Keys can be the cause of great frustration when we lose them.  I’ve had to make several copies of house keys, car keys, and office keys. A while ago, my son gave me a special keychain. All I had to do was clap my hands and the keychain would beep so I could locate it. The problem was that the keychain couldn’t tell the difference between clapping and a lot of other sounds, so it would start beeping even when I wasn’t looking for the keys. Then one day my son came home with another gift, a “tile” that I attached to my keychain. Now I have an app on my phone that can find my keys and if I push the button on my “tile” I can find my phone, and if I can’t find either, my computer can help me locate them. Keys are important. Without them, we can be locked out of important places – homes, cars, buildings – resulting in frustration and missed opportunities and appointments.

We’ve been told that we all hold the key to “heaven’s storehouse” and in this storehouse are the “the boundless resources of omnipotence.” The best things about this key? It’s always available. And it’s un-lose-able! Because this key is prayer.

In a few weeks, our RMC teachers, students, and families will gather again in classrooms. We need the treasures of Heaven’s storehouse – wisdom, peace, safety, and faith.  To request these gifts, we will join together to thank God for the treasures that will be presented to our schools during the upcoming school term. Church leaders from the North American Division, Mid-American Union Conference, and the Rocky Mountain Conference will be joined by teachers, students, parents and members from RMC.

Please go to for the number to join the Zoom conference. We have the key. Let’s use it, RMC.

–DeeAnn Bragaw is RMC Prayer Ministry leader.