Highlands Ranch, Denver, Colorado … There are many factors distinguishing Mile High Academy (MHA) from other local schools, but one key factor is the implementation of CHERISH Core Values. These values were carefully initiated to educate and encourage students to make a difference in the world around them. These Core Values start with teaching students about what it means to be Christ-centered.

MHA students have an opportunity to share some ways they choose to be Christ-centered by annual visits to local churches, including constituent churches. Students share Christ through music, upfront service and often lunch fellowship to connect and thank church members.

“MHA is grateful to the churches that provide an opportunity for our students to share the ways they choose to be Christ-centered,” said Jamie Frain, MHA VP of school culture. “Church support is essential to our mission of providing an excellent Christ-centered education that empowers young people to excel.”

The first church visit of the 2019/2020 academic year was to Denver South Seventh-day Adventist Church. The congregation was blessed with music from the Middle School (MS) and Upper School (US) Worship Leading class, US choir, students leading out in the children’s story and a dramatic, in-costume recitation of the entire book of Ephesians by MS Bible and Math Teacher Chris Morris.

“The kids at Mile High Academy are full of life and talented in music, speaking and telling stories,” said Mikey Archibeque, Denver South youth pastor. “Having them at our church is a reminder to us all of how church should be: Our kids taking the lead and leading us to the feet of Jesus.”

Pastor Andy Nash, LifeSource Seventh-day Adventist Church lead pastor, also serves as MHA’s Junior Bible Instructor. The LifeSource congregation recently completed a series on Daniel, which happened to coincide with the Junior Bible class curriculum, so it was “natural to have the Bible class lead out,” said Pastor Nash.

The second church visit at LifeSource treated attendees to a student presentation of a “To and Fro” drama based on Daniel 12:4, depicting vivid scenes from the life and visions of Daniel. More than 40 MHA students, including the US choir, handbells and MS and US Worship Leading class had an on-stage presence. In addition, five Junior Bible students gave sermonettes about a chapter in Daniel, combining Bible study with personal reflections.

“Mile High Academy Sabbath is one of the best Sabbaths of the year,” said Pastor Nash. “It’s when all generations are together in church, the way we should be. I was so proud of the student speakers as it’s worth remembering these teenage students are the same age as our Adventist founders who began this church though study of the book of Daniel.”

The next MHA Sabbath will be at the Littleton Seventh-day Adventist Church on Saturday, February 8.

Karrie Meyers; photos supplied