Tiffany Mogaka – Loveland, Colorado … Pastor Wayne Morrison, guest speaker for the Campion Academy Week of Prayer, February 27-March 3, delivered a powerful message on the unconditional love of God.

The daily meetings resonated deeply with many students. Audra Bennett, a senior student said, “I was so touched by the message last week. I learned that I will always be a child of God, and that path was always chosen for me. It impacted my life by showing me that there is nothing I can do that would make God love me any less,” Audra reflected.

Every evening, Chaplain Carlos Santana hosted a panel with students, pastors, teachers, and other guests to reflect on the daily messages. Santana commented, “The panels were such a blessing for me because many of the questions I received during the week were answered. These answers, especially from students, brought great perspective about the struggle of accepting God’s love. I am grateful that the panels allowed us to practicalize and reflect on Pastor Morrison’s message.”

A pastor in Brighton, Colorado, Morrison visited classrooms, answering questions from students concerning his message. Senior student, Daniel Morales, said, “The Q&A session was great. We had a wonderful discussion about the Bible, and it helped me understand God’s love better.”

Overall, the Week of Prayer was a huge success, bringing a fresh perspective on God’s love and the freedom that comes with being a child of God.

Sam Walton, a junior student, shared that “The Week of Prayer was so meaningful to me that I just had to keep talking about it to the people around me. My favorite message was that we have total freedom of choice, and no matter what we do, God will always love us. I really needed to hear that this past week.”

—Tiffany Mogaka, Campion Academy Student News Team. Photos supplied.