Loveland, Colorado… Students, from the Junior and Senior classes Spanish 1 and 2, took a field trip on Thursday to go see Chicano art at the Loveland Museum. They learned about the history of Chicanos, a term that many American-born people of Mexican descent choose to identify with.

During the museum visit, the students viewed art, asked questions, and gained a deeper understanding of the struggles of Mexican-Americans. “The field trip was so much fun! I learned a lot about Chicano art. The pieces that they had on display were very beautiful and it was interesting to see what stories they told and what the painter wanted them to do,” said Ashley Herber, Spanish 2 student.

While students looked around the museum, their teacher, Nate Marin, went to the grocery store to get canned mango, guava, and strawberry banana juice with conchas, a traditional Mexican pastry, for the students to enjoy. They came to the cafeteria during lunch-time to pick up the food. The day of activities helped students become better acquainted with Hispanic culture and gain appreciation for the language they’re learning.

Naomi Boonstra, Student editor; photo supplied