By Ruben Balaguer— Grand Junction, Colorado…Bible Studies continue with a Roman Catholic group in a hall of the San Joseph Church in Grand Junction, reports Ruben Balaguer, pastor of Hispanic Grand Junction District.  As reported in NewsNuggets [April 12, 2019] his teaching engagement at the church began in the month of March, but during the summer the church group’s main lay Bible teacher, Rosa Cisneros, traveled to Mexico and Pastor Balaguer became the group’s main teacher for six weeks.

Rosa Cisneros, who invited a group of interested believers in her church to study the Bible, asked Balaguer to continue weekly meetings “which certainly was a great blessing to me and the group,” Balaguer said. 

Both the local priest and the teacher herself are aware that Ruben Balaguer is a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. Each week she informs the priest about the subject to be covered and no objections were voiced. Every Thursday, the group uses an Adventist study guide, La fe de Jesús (The Faith of Jesus), and when she is present, we take turns teaching the group, Balaguer explained. 

“Soon we will be entering deeper doctrinal issues, such as the Law of God and the Sabbath, following the order of the study guide. And, only God knows what will happen then, so I ask for your prayers for this work in which God has guided me,” Balaguer commented. 

The Adventist Hispanic community in Grand Junction follows this development with excitement and gratitude to God for His leading. 

Ruben Balaguer, text and photo