By Gabriela Vincent – Wheatland, Wyoming … Just imagine a lake, gorgeous sunshine, picnic-like family atmosphere, and then add to it The Lord’s Supper in a 2020 world.  The ongoing pandemic didn’t stop the Wheatland members and visitors from being blessed by fellowshipping in God’s nature and participating in a high event for the church.

Wheatland church believers and their pastor, Pastor Shayne Vincent, held an outdoor church and communion service at Wheatland Reservoir on Sabbath, July 18. The shady spot with magnificent views of the lake was reserved by the congregation.

Participants, which included visitors from Casper and Georgia, were greeted by views of God’s creation and a table set with the emblems of communion.

The event, which followed safety guidelines set by Wyoming Department of Health, was a group effort, with one of the newest believers in God’s family playing a special role in the communion set-up.

“MiCayla Shaw made the communion bread, a first-time experience for her. She consulted with another church member who helped with the making of the bread about Christ’s body and how it was pierced for us as they put the fork marks in the top. It turned out great and was made with lots of love,” Cynthia Pedersen, member the Wheatland Church commented.

She further explained that “Kim Ludeman and Cayla Shaw got the wine. It was a group effort, just like everything we do here in Wheatland. Sitting in the shade of the old cottonwood trees, we listened to the water lap the shore as our pastor preached. It was incredibly soothing. Then we sang hymns and washed each other’s feet with lake water.”

“I really enjoyed the fact that we did communion outside in God’s beauty,” commented MiCayla Shaw on the outside setting.

“Outdoor communion is something that never crossed my mind before last Sabbath. We were able to wash our feet with lake water and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. It offered us a mere glimpse of what it was like when John baptized Jesus,” Cindy Eaton, Wheatland church member said. “What a great way to have communion with our church family while out in God’s nature.”

The service offered a meaningful blessing as Pastor Vincent taught on how communion symbolizes Passover and a symbol of re-baptism.

The day concluded with a picnic, fellowship, and swimming in God’s beautiful creation. Members reflected on Psalm 19:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” Like Jesus beside the sea of Galilee, they were able to hear the Creator’s voice in the bubbling reservoir, in the song of the birds, and in the wind whistling through the trees.

Gabriela Vincent is a member of the Casper church; photos supplied.