By RMCNews/Matt Hasty – Denver, Colorado . . . In consultation with RMC administration, the decision to suspend the summer student literature program due to the COVID-19 pandemic was made on May 19. “This was one of the hardest decisions that we have had to make. This affects student ministry opportunities, financial income to return to college, and active involvement for their summer.  However, the health risk to the students, communities, churches and the families that host them is just too significant to risk at this time.” Eric Nelson, RMC VP for administration said.

Matt Hasty, director of the LE program stated “For the first time in sixteen summers, I will not be going door-to-door.  I’ve been working on putting together a team of thirty dedicated, courageous, and talented young people who were willing to serve as literature evangelists this summer.”

Even through the students will not be able to go door-to-door this summer, literature evangelism can still happen. We all can share the good news of Jesus by building relationships within our neighborhoods.

“Due to the pandemic, the door closed for these young people to serve in the Rocky Mountain Conference.  As disappointing as it is, we know that God has a plan. The ‘night’ is not yet upon us. God still has a ‘work’ for us to do (John 9:4). While large gatherings are not possible, literature has a special role to play. Personal and individual labor cannot be underestimated,” Matt added.

“We look forward to the summer of 2021 when we can again have students go door-to-door again spreading the hope and love of Jesus,” Matt finished..

–RMCNews with Matt Hasty, RMC director of literature ministry