Lonnie Hetterle, RMC director of education, in conversation on “Relational Intelligence” with Ron Price, author, trainer, and mediator. They will bring to you a series of video conversations dealing with relationships in a variety aspects of our daily life – at home, in the church and society at large.

You can contact Lonnie Hetterle at [email protected] and Ron Price at [email protected]

        1. 5 Germs that Infect, Sicken, and Destroy Relationships
        2. Germ Antidote
        3.  Be Disruptive / LUV Talk
        4. Laughter and Fun
        5. To God Be The Glory
        6. Push the Pause Button 
        7. Love Yourself as You Love Your Neighbor 
        8. Relational Needs
        9. Hidden Issues (keys why some conflicts continue to be ongoing)
        10. A.G.I. (Assume Good Intent)
        11.  Look for the Good
        12. Change for the Good