Eric Nelson – Colorado Springs, Colorado … A few weeks after Eric Nelson accepted an interim pastor’s position at Colorado Springs Central church in the month of March, two soldiers from Fort Carson Army Base approached him at the conclusion of the worship service one Sabbath. They asked for Bible studies and baptism. They were quick to express that should there be a need for military involvement, they could be some of the first units called into action. Their desire was to be right with God should this take place.

Matthew Salvini was baptized as a child in the Adventist church. Going through basic training, he met Christian Wright, and they became friends. Matthew’s grandmother had given him a Bible with doctrinal helps. After hearing of Matthew’s friendship with Christian, his grandmother ordered an identical Bible so that Matthew could help Christian follow along more easily as they studied their Bibles together.

“It has been a joy to study with both men,” comments Pastor Nelson. Their journey has not been without personal challenges and tragedy that could easily have deterred them from following through with their desire to take this step of baptism. But they have persevered.

On September 10, both men were baptized at the Central church, committing their lives to God. The service was witnessed and enjoyed by over 200 church members.

May we keep those serving our military in prayer as they seek to remain faithful to God and country.

–Pastor Eric and Jerene Nelson are retired and living in Johnstown, Colorado. Photos supplied.