By RMCNews with Amy Croissant — Greeley, Colorado … Rod Bieber, member of Adventure Church in Greeley, is reaching farmers and ranchers on the radio with the message of hope in a 59-second spot called “Seedtime & Harvest”.

Bieber, involved in radio evangelism for more than 30 years, began this outreach out of his caring for the specific spiritual needs of isolated rural folk. He realized that the lifestyles of farmers and ranchers are much different and more independent than urban dwellers, which give them an opposite mindset.

With zero radio experience when he began his ministry, a friend of Bieber connected him with a local radio station owner in North Dakota where they were living at the time. Because of his lack of experience, the radio station owner suggested that Bieber record twenty, just-under-60-second-spots. Even though he had some doubts about his abilities, he completed this task and it became an instant success.

Over the years, Bieber has connected with many Adventist-owned radio stations as well as other Christian and public radio outlets, including Sirius XM radio. It’s estimated that 200,000 to 400,000 people listen on a regular basis.

To hear Bieber tune in Monday through Friday shortly before noon on Sirius XM channel 147.

–RMCNews with Amy Croissant; photo supplied