Colorado Springs, Colorado… Every second Wednesday of each month, since April, 2019, a “Silver Ladies” program attracts retired women at the Colorado Springs Central Church. Aleene Mills and Betty Biggs who lead the gatherings “have the experience, passion, and enthusiasm to lead such a group,” comments Marcia Armstead, assistant for pastoral care.

Since April, Aleene and Betty have combined their intellect in blessing senior citizens of Central church and community. They have conducted and facilitated seminars on physical exercise, nutrition, strokes, and dementia, as well as increasing awareness and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Referred to as a new ministry at the Central church, both women display knowledge and experience in providing leadership to this venture.

Aleene Schaeffer Mills, who started college education when she was only 15 years-old, today holds a Doctorate in Education, Master of Education, and a Bachelor of Education degrees. For over 40 years she has taught at schools in Nebraska to include 19 years in the Education Department at Union College. She has also served as an academy principal in the Mid-America Union Conference.

Betty Biggs, who assists Aleene in these meetings, is a registered nurse and has two master’s degrees: one in Community Health Nursing and the other in Guidance & Counseling. Her BS degree is in Secondary Education. Betty has taught Nursing at Union College and was co-director of the Nursing Division on Lincoln Campus. She has spent most of her life as a nurse and a teacher and was Director of Nursing at the 100-bed nursing home in Rock Springs, Wyoming 1990-1992.

With the monthly growing attendance and increased interests of women, as well as men, the name of this family life auxiliary has changed from “Silver Ladies” to “Silver Seniors.”

“We are happy that with such an intergenerational congregation at Central there are activities germane to every age,” comments Mike Maldonado, church pastor. The sessions have been offered are not only for church members but for the community-at-large, as well as caregivers.

Marcia Armstead, text and photos