In the Winter Issue:

Resolutions. Resolutions. Resolutions. by Ed Barnett
Can We Talk? by Nigel Abrahams
Preventing Violence by Ron Price
When Conscience is Challenged by Choice by Stefani Leeper
Death by Discipleship by Jessyka Albert
A Bridge to Egypt by Carol Bolden
Conviction, Conscience, and Bravery by Dick Stenbakken
When Love Matters Most by Alyssa Parker
How to Be Evangelistic by Craig Carr
Are You Afraid of Acupuncture? by Michael Dabrowski
Healthful Eating Without Breaking the Bank by Emily “Emy” Wood
Experiencing Real Talk? by By Keifer Dooley
Revelation Speaks Peace in 2018 by Eric Nelson
Striving for Excellence by Sandy Hodgson
A Dream Becomes Reality by Carol Bolden
Health Summit: A Catalyst for Change by Rick Mautz
Lavender, Bell Heathers, and Celestial Bliss by Rajmund Dabrowski

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