In the Spring Issue:

Increase Your Satisfaction and Happiness by George Crumley
Walking in the Light by Wayne Morrison
Live by the Spirit by Ed Barnett
A Lifetime of Authenticity by Rajmund Dabrowski
A Hill Worth Dying On by Becky De Oliveira
Daniel and Revelation: Still Present Truth? by Reinder Bruinsma
Can Unity Be a Problem? by Edward Reifsnyder
RMC Constituency Session: What’s It About? by Eric Nelson
A Thousand Searing Coals by Stefani Leeper
Soul Food: Feeding Body and Spirit by Michele Conklin, MBA, MSJ
Lessons in Integrity by Shawn P. Nowlan, Esq
Embracing Project-Based Learning in the Twenty-first Century by Diane Harris
Revisiting the Ministry of the Diaconate by Mike Maldonado
In Love with Our Neighbors by Ron Price
Bakery and Deli Shares the Bread of Life by Carol Bolden
A Virus of Infectious Kindness by Rajmund Dabrowski

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Managing Editor: Carol Bolden [email protected]
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