By Eric Nelson

As reported in a recent issue of NewsNuggets, the church in the Rocky Mountain Conference is preparing the agenda for our constituency session coming up on July 23, 2017.

In preparation for the event, we would like to share information as to the purpose for having such an event, why it is important to you as a local church member, and what to expect at the meeting and related events.

What is a constituency quinquennial session?

A constituency session, made up of representatives from every church in the conference, is the highest level of authority in the local conference. In the Rocky Mountain Conference, it is held every five years under the guidelines established by the RMC bylaws. At each session, delegates selected from the local church come together to represent their church in the decisions and discussions related to the proposed agenda of the constituency session. In a business, the focus of a constituency meeting would be profit. A conference has a totally different focus, a decidedly spiritual one that includes mission, stewardship, out- reach and evangelism, baptisms, growth, ministries and leadership. Plans for the future of the church are also considered and discussed.

What issues will be considered?

The RMC session will review the way the Lord has led us in ministry by sharing reports of the many conference ministries, representing major mission outreach programs that have taken place over the last five years.

We will seek to focus on the vision for the future toward which He leads and directs, asking ourselves, “What should be the focus of our conference and our churches in the coming years?”

It is also a time to elect conference leadership. The officers of the conference are elected at this meeting, as well as members of various committees who are authorized to carry out the work of the conference between constituency meetings. These committee members are elected to represent their region of the conference and will continue to voice the needs of their unique region of Rocky Mountain’s territory. A nominating committee made up of members and church employees from each region of the conference recommends names for these positions.

Another important agenda item to be considered includes adjustments to the bylaws of the conference. These are the legal directives that guide how the conference operates. All delegates will receive a copy of the proposed modifications presented by the bylaws committee and will have the opportunity to accept or reject these changes.

Regional Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings will be held in each region of the conference in the months leading up to the constituency meeting in July. It is our hope that the town hall meetings will become a venue for listening to each other, for giving valuable recommendations, and for praying together for our entire conference in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

Plan for Regional Town Hall Meetings (all scheduled at 6:30 pm)

March 4 Wyoming, Casper Church March 5 NE Colorado, Campion Church April 1 SE Colorado, Colorado Springs Central Church April 2 Denver Metro, Life Source Fellowship April 8 NW Slope of Colorado, Grand Junction Church April 9 SW Region, Pinon Hills Church

It is important that delegates attend the Town Hall meetings in their region where they will elect representatives to the nominating committee from their region. This role can only be filled at their regional meeting. Attendance at an- other regional meeting will not give them this opportunity.

Churches have selected delegates and each delegate will receive information by mail with the details needed to prepare for the constituency session. These materials aim to prepare the delegates to discuss the agenda items prior to meeting with RMC leadership at the regional town hall meetings.

We look forward to a time of sharing what God has done within the Rocky Mountain Conference. We also anticipate a time of fellowship, prayer and working together under God’s leading to strengthen this area of the world that He has tasked us to reach.

Please join us in prayer as this time approaches. We so very much want to recall God’s leading in our past as well as seek His guidance in the future as a conference.

Eric Nelson is RMC vice president for administration.