By Rajmund Dabrowski — Denver, Colorado … Now into its sixth year, Mountain Views is available online. After the Rocky Mountain Conference’ distribution of communication became Web-based, it was obvious that both publications, NewsNuggets, and Mountain Views needed to be more accessible to a wider church audience beyond RMC borders.

As the latest edition, Summer 2020, is being printed and mailed to all members of the church, the online edition provides readers with searchable archives of the magazine.

The current issue is dealing with a “contemporary mega” issue facing the world, including the religious milieu. We ask ourselves, what will be the new normal for our church, for each church member, for the church’s mission and ministry?

Not that the MV history is significant at this stage, but it should be noted that prior to 2015, there was only one edition of the magazine edited by Mark Bond. Today, the content has expanded, presenting a mosaic of subjects written by some of the best authors and thinkers in contemporary Adventism.

The challenge for the magazine was expressed by Ed Barnett, RMC president, who envisioned providing quality reading for church members. “We must go beyond in the way we do church. We must be a thinking church,” he said.

Last week, Barnett commented on this new stage for Mountain Views. “Our editors have done a marvelous job putting out the magazine for several years. Over time, we have had readers, even out of our conference, asking for a subscription. It is a magazine that really makes you think about some of the latest challenges we are facing as Seventh-day Adventists. We are now bringing out archives of previous issues, making the magazine available to many more readers,” he commented.

Ron Johnson, a member of Grand Junction Church sent a request: “This Authentic Adventism issue with multiple articles on being real is excellent and I would like to share the entire issue with folks outside of RMC. Can I purchase additional copies, perhaps as many as a dozen?” Another church member from Delta Church wrote that a group of members at her church is discussing Mountain Views articles in a church group. Can you send us a few extra copies? she requested.

This is exactly why we are serious about providing our fellow believers with additional reading, besides other denominational literature. We are not only about affirmation of our beliefs, but also taking us beyond into what the church pioneers challenged the fledgling denomination through present truth. Our contemporary world is challenging us, and we need to display a “thinking” faith.

“This is such a fun magazine to work on. The articles deal with current issues in the real world, inviting a fresh, contemporary design that I hope I manage to achieve!” commented Becky De Oliveira, designer and writer. “I can’t think of another conference-sponsored magazine that makes such an effort to engage thinking Christians in faith-centered discussions,” she added.

Often, the work of those who are busy behind the scenes is not thought about. It takes creativity, imagination, and boldness to put each issue together. Prayer is essential, as well as receiving critiques and affirmation.

The editorial credit goes to church leaders and you – the readers! We are grateful to Carol Bolden, who continues to assist us with editing, and to Jon Roberts, who is making sure we are online, as well as to our expert professional printers, Seminars Unlimited.

Above all, our gratitude goes to the Master Communicator whose inspiration leads us to take life seriously and make our faith, hope and life rich with meaning.

–Rajmund Dabrowski is editor of Mountain Views; in a selfie photo pictured are Becky De Oliveira and Rajmund Dabrowski

To view the Summer 2020 issue please click here.