In the Summer Issue

Newness in High Demand Ed Barnett
A Challenge for the Church and for Adventist Healthcare Mark Johnson
Will the Pandemic Change the Church? Reinder Bruinsma
After COVID-19: Lasting Changes Barry Casey
To Live Is to Love Zdravko Plantak
Rebuilding the Community Jenniffer Ogden
After the Virus Nathan Brown
Evangelism Norms, Old and New Zach Payne
Looking Back to Embrace the Future Lisa Clark Diller
We’ve Never Been Normal Jessyka Dooley
The COVID-19 Sign of the End and Christian Responsibility Denis Fortin
Eight Predictions for Churches Dave Gemmell
Lessons for Adventist Schools Sandy Hodgson, Jodie Aakko, and Joel Reyes
A Final Goodbye to an Old Friend Gary Nowlan
Ecology and Faith Becky De Oliveira
Nostalgia and the Real Normal Rajmund Dabrowski

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