In the Fall Issue:

A Bigger Picture by George Crumley
Conflict-Immune Churches by Ron Price
Entering the Conversation from the Wrong Sideline by James Murdoch
A Multiple Personality by Nigel Abrahams
Two Voices on Community Life
Boulder Now Open by Peter Chamberlain
Stewardship of the Environment
Pastors’ Views on Environmental Stewardship by Carol Bolden
Making Your Congregation Youth Friendly by Jessyka Albert
A Hard Push for Health! by Jeremy Goins
What Every Pastor Wishes People Knew About Them by Craig Carr
Living Bodies, Living Foods by Grazyna Dabrowska
God Texts, You Reply by Stefani Leeper
A Tale of Two Ranches by Stefani Leeper
A Lifestyle of Kindness by Rajmund Dabrowski

Editorial Team:

Editor: Rajmund Dabrowski [email protected]
Design: Becky De Oliveira [email protected]
Managing Editor: Carol Bolden [email protected]
President: Ed Barnett [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Eric Nelson [email protected]
Treasurer: George Crumley [email protected]