In the Fall Issue:

Pure and Simple Religion by Eric Nelson
Young in God’s Eyes
Most Important Conversations by Wayne Morrison
Watch Your Language! by Rajmund Dabrowski
New Bridge for a Timeless Truth by Jim Feldbush
Press Pass by Katie Morrison
Spiritual Refreshment for RMC Pastors and Leaders by Craig Carr
Miracles Help Broadcasting Expansion by Carol Bolden
Something Worth Talking About by James Murdock
Glacier View Camp Wraps Another Season by Katie Morrison
A Day of “Immense Gratitude” by Carol Bolden
View from the Alamodome by Ed Barnett

Editorial Team:

Editor: Rajmund Dabrowski [email protected]
Design: Becky De Oliveira [email protected]
Managing Editor: Carol Bolden [email protected]
President: Ed Barnett [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Eric Nelson [email protected]
Treasurer: George Crumley [email protected]