By Wayne Morrison

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with the tasks of the day? You work hard, run fast, hustle all day, but find yourself looking back and realizing that all you accomplished was good, but what didn’t get done was actually more important.

Every year or so, I track everything I do for a two week period. This includes every call I make, every task I do, every meeting or visit I have, for the sole purpose of evaluating what I am spending my time on. I then divide my activities into three simple categories: things I should never do, things I could delegate, and things I must do myself. It always amazes me how quickly the “less important” rises to the top, and the “most important” slips out of sight.

What I am talking about is not time management, although I do believe we need to stop from time to time and check our list of spiritual priorities. Is it possible we could get some “important truths” confused with the “Most Important Truth?” If we could track all of our conversations, our comments in Sabbath School class, our sermons, our conversations at work and with our neighbors, what is it we talk about most? I’m not asking about conversations in general, but rather about spiritual conversations. When spiritual things are talked about, what do we say? What has made its way to the top of our spiritual conversation list? How quickly do we mention the Sabbath, state of the dead, diet, commandments or other “unique truths?”

Today’s challenge is that perhaps we have been far too focused on our “unique message” and have allowed the “simple gospel” to slip from our conversations completely. What do you mean, Pastor Wayne? Are we not a peculiar people with a special message? Yes, we are! But what if we allow “important truths” to steal from our message the “Most Important Truth?”

We have some unique truths that God has given for better lives and a deeper understanding of both past and future events, and these can help us to live longer and more peace-filled lives. “Unique truths” are good; they provide answers to questions people are asking and should be shared as an added bonus to the “Most Important Truth.”

What is the “Most Important Truth?” It is the gospel as described in Romans 5:8, Philippians 2:5-8, John 3:16, and many more. The “simple Gospel” says that we were all lost, but Jesus, sent by His Father, came to seek and save the lost! God reached down from heaven in the person of Jesus and wrapped His arms around us, loving, forgiving, healing, protecting, and providing for us all we’ll ever need. That, to me, is good news! It is what I believe should form the substance of the most important conversations we have.

Where do the unique truths fit in? God loves me and, as a manifestation of that love, He gives me insights into His character through important principles to live by. These insights allow me to love Him more as I understand Him better. They help me to be happier, healthier, and at greater peace with both God and man. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life!” He is “The Truth” that all “other truths” point to, or help me understand more completely.

I believe that we need to take time to evaluate the priorities of our conversations to be sure the “important truths” have not over taken the “Most Important Truth.” Jesus and His salvation is not the byline; it is the core, the hub of everything Christians should be about.

Will you join me in keeping the “Most Important Truth” most important?

Wayne Morrison is the pastor of the Brighton Church.