By Traci Pike – Casper, Wyoming . . . Casper church members and families from Mountain Road Christian Academy (MRCA) gathered on a cold and windy June 30 to celebrate five students who graduated from different levels in May. Traci Pike, school principal and head teacher shared a report about the event with NewsNuggets.

The celebration included a grill out, hosted by the Pikes at their home.  Braving the strong winds and cool temperatures for June, 60 participants gathered to recognize the accomplishments of these students.

Pike wanted to be able to celebrate the graduates in person instead of virtually, so she postponed the date for graduation until an in-person gathering was possible. Following the guidelines released by Wyoming’s governor and the Wyoming Health Department allowing gatherings of up to 250 people outside as of June 15, Pike began to plan the graduation ceremony.

MRCA had five students graduate this year: Lexi Alexander and Drexol Williams graduated from the 8th grade and Isabelle Huber, Olivia McDonald, and R. J. Pankonin graduated from Kindergarten. The 8th graders preferred to stay low profile and were relieved that they didn’t have to do any public speaking. The Kindergarteners wore light blue caps and gowns with beaming smiles as they descended the back-deck steps while attendees hummed “Pomp and Circumstance.” The new first graders then received their diplomas and posed for pictures with their teachers, Traci Pike and Lynnette Huber.

It was an evening of fun in spite of the less-than-ideal weather. Casper church members and school families showed once again that they are a hearty bunch and won’t let a little wind keep them from having fun and supporting their school. Students and families were happy to gather to celebrate the end of this bizarre school year.

Mountain Road Christian Academy is looking forward to opening for the new school year on August 31 with at least 15 students planning to attend.

Traci Pike is principal and head teacher at Mountain Road Christian Academy; photos by Gabriela Vincent