RMCNews with Traci Pike – Casper, Wyoming…Wyoming kids are tough. They don’t let a high of zero degrees keep them from going out to spread some cheer.

Mountain Road Christian Academy students ventured into the freezing temperatures on February 11 to spread love to lonely church members who have been homebound.

The school normally makes cookies and goes Christmas caroling every year for shut-ins, but the pandemic caused the closure of the school a week early before Christmas and they had to cancel this long-awaited event.

Knowing how much the community looked forward to seeing the students, teacher aide Lynnette Huber began discussions in January with Traci Pike, head teacher, on how to do a similar event for Valentine’s Day.

With a plan in place, students began preparation by making Valentine cards and practiced singing Jesus Loves Me, and Oh, Friend Do You Love Jesus as “love songs” in preparation to share Jesus’ love with their fellow church members and others.

Pike recalls the event, “February 11 was a cold, COLD day in Casper. Students, staff, and Pastor Shayne Vincent bundled up in winter gear and loaded onto the school bus before heading out. Singing was cut down to just Jesus Loves Me to limit the time out in the frigid wind chill temperatures that were around -20 degrees that morning.”

The visit by the students brought smiles to the members they visited.

“What fun it is to surprise people with a friendly visit. Smiles were abundant on the faces of the visited as well as their young, singing visitors. People didn’t mind at all holding their doors open for two minutes as the students and staff sang the familiar old song to them to remind them that Jesus does indeed love us and to show them that they have not been forgotten during this time of pandemic,” Pike added.

Mountain View Christian Academy plans to continue this activity in the future as it has become a favorite outreach activity for the school and students.

–RMCNews with Traci Pike who is head teacher at Mountain View Christian Academy; photos supplied