RMCNews with Mickey Mallory – Denver, Colorado … In his response following the ordination to the gospel ministry on June 25, Mikey Archibeque, associate pastor at Denver South Church, said that “from the beginning of following Jesus into ministry, it has been my dream to know him in a way like Moses. Exodus mentions that he entered the tent of meeting and spoke to God as to a friend. And it is my dream that others come to know the intimacy of knowing who God is in the same way. And today, the Adventist Church is recognizing the ministry that Christ began in me.”

Pastor Mikey shared that his ordination ceremony was a perfect day because he got to be with the people he loved. Everyone who showed up has been a teacher, friend, and sister or brother in Christ and has helped me in my ministry, he remarked. His candidacy was presented by two colleagues in ministry, Pastors Brooke and Ricky Melendez from The Adventure Church in Greeley.

Referring to his colleagues and mentors, he commented, “they have all been ordained for ministry. And all these people–friends, family, church members–have all come because they have been changed by what Jesus has continued to work in my life. I am excited to see how Christ continues to lead as I head to seminary in August,” he said in his ordination response.

Since his arrival four years ago, the Denver South Church has provided Pastor Mikey with many opportunities to put his spiritual gifts into action. His lead pastor, Evgeni Kovachev, and head elder, Pat Bernal, have especially been supportive.

The ordination address was given by Pastor Pedro Perez, who happens to be Pastor Mikey’s uncle and the Pathfinder and Adventurer director for the Florida Conference. Because Pastor Mikey resonates most with the Bible character of Moses, Pastor Perez chose to share a message based on leadership lessons from the life of Moses.”

“When a pastor is ordained at his local church, it gives the church members a chance to celebrate with the pastor all the things that God has done to bring the pastor to this point in ministry,” said Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director.

“As Moses was in the mountain with God, it has been Pastor Mikey’s desire throughout his life and ministry to stay close to God.”

“It has been good to share this journey, to walk with you, talk with you, hopefully to make you laugh, hopefully to bring you joy, and to see the face of God,” Pastor Mikey commented.

Pastor Mikey’s first experiences with Jesus happened at Broken Arrow Ranch Summer Camp in Kansas. Jesus became real as I worshiped, performed skits, rode on go-carts, and shot bows and arrows. I found lifelong friends, ministry partners and, most importantly, mentors that continue to help in my ministry journey. My camp experience opened me up to a life of service in ministry.

He attended Union College where he was approached by a friend from camp to serve as the men’s dorm pastor for Campus Ministries. In the following years, he served in many roles in Campus Ministries eventually becoming the student chaplain. At Union College, he found joy in serving, raising leaders, building relationships, and caring for people. What began at summer camp continued to blossom into year-round ministry.

In his Life Sketch, he wrote about falling in love with service and eventually switching his major to theology to become a pastor. After graduating, with no youth or associate pastor positions offered, he took a job as an associate dean and assistant to the chaplain at Blue Mountain Academy. He felt like a failure, he wrote, because he wasn’t where he thought he was supposed to be; not a pastor, single, didn’t love my job, and far away from everyone I knew. These feelings persisted into his next position as an intern youth pastor in Hawaii. And what was supposed to be a 6-month stint turned into a 2-year transformation.

Serving in Hawaii changed his attitude, he shared. The weight of proving himself to others and God fell away. He could finally practice and enjoy ministry. After accepting the call to the Rocky Mountain Conference, he was ready to minister in confidence.

“I have been at Denver South over four years and God continues to reveal his power, love, and courage to me. No matter where I serve, I know I am rooted and established in His love,” Pastor Mikey stated.

The ordination ceremony included Rocky Mountain Conference leaders, among whom was Pastor Mic Thurber who offered the ordination prayer.

RMCNews with Mickey Mallory. Photos by Susan Inglish.