By MHANews – Highlands Ranch, Colorado … The Mile High Academy sports fields came alive June 7 when third through fifth graders were joined by families and friends, to enjoy an evening of the national pastime, baseball.

The evening activities involved dads and moms helping coach students though drills while other parents watched and enjoyed the fellowship.

Among the parents enjoying the evening was Dana Tikker who originated the pick-up games, and who commented on the gathering, “Monday evening was a great kick off to the summer. I really enjoyed being outside with the kids playing baseball and catching up with the families and am looking forward to more time together.”

The kids were divided into groups to work through a series of catching, hitting and base-running drills.

The gathering was made sweeter by ice cream treats distributed by MHA teachers, Denae Yuros, Sherri Francis and Taryn Clark.

It was a win for all who gathered to enjoy the interactions between classmates, friends, and families, an enjoyable event in a year where nothing has seemed normal in any aspect of life.

The third through fifth-grade baseball pickup games will continue through August 9 every Monday evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. at MHA.

–MHANews; photos supplied