By RMCNews with Michael Luchak – Moab, Utah … Franktown church youth recently spent a weekend in the wilderness to reconnect with their Creator God and enjoy fellowship with each other.

According to Michael Luchak, associate pastor at Franktown, the trip was planned as part of the culture the church is aiming to create for their congregation. “At Franktown, we are trying to create a culture where fun, community, and spiritual growth can come together. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my weekend than rafting, rock climbing, and off roading with my youth group.”

After planning for their overnight trip to Moab which included rafting the river on Sabbath, they set off on their adventure, off-road vehicles filled with excited youth.

The group assembled under the stars for Friday worship with David Asscherick, pastor of Castle Rock church, before retiring to their tents and sleeping bags to enjoy an evening out in the middle of nowhere.

Sabbath morning found the youth rising early to make the rafting trek down the Colorado River to find a secluded peaceful spot to rest and spend time in God’s Word.  For the worship service one of the rafting guides used stories to illustrate ways God communicates with us. The favorite transportation mode down the river was a ten-person paddle board.

After spending the day on the Colorado River, it was time to explore the rocks and mountains by rock climbing and off roading.  As the sun began to set on their adventure-filled weekend, the happily exhausted youth were filled with memories of an exciting trip.

“Our physical and spiritual strength were renewed,” Luchak added.

RMCNews with Michael Luchak who is the associate pastor of Franktown chgurch; photos by Jamey Houghton