Paulette Yaple – Cheyenne, Wyoming … Where do dinosaurs fit into history? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? Did people and dinosaurs exist at the same time? These and many other questions were answered by Creation Truth Foundation President Matt Miles during the two-day seminar at the Cheyenne Seventh-day Adventist Church starting September 15.

“Dinosaurs – Great Historic Creatures” was the topic on Friday. Matt showed, from the Bible, that dinosaurs were historic, not prehistoric creatures.

There were two presentations on Saturday evening.  We learned from “The Flood: Lessons from a Global Disaster” that dinosaurs were on the ark and there was plenty of room for them. During the second presentation, “Human Evolution, Really?” Matt shared scientific facts about carbon 14 dating. When mitochondrial DNA samples were taken from people around the world, the results showed that we are all related to one woman who existed around 6,000 years ago. Can you guess who?

There were many displays of dinosaur fossils that could be examined, including a 30-foot-long full skeleton of Triceratops Prorsus and the head of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most complete fossil of Pachycephalosaurus Wyomingsis, that was found in Wyoming. Bob Dugas, vice president of Creation Truth Foundation, presented books on dinosaurs available for purchase.

Lana Anderson commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the Bible and science presentation. It was a great learning experience about fossils and how they support the creation story as stated in Genesis. I truly knew nothing about fossils until attending this seminar. The best information I learned was what conditions are needed for a fossil to form. These conditions totally support the flood story as presented in the Bible. This seminar affirmed my belief in the Bible and a literal creation week.”

“The messages were very engaging with information about human origins and the newest archaeological finds. The meetings provided an excellent opportunity to speak with others on this topic, and they really delivered on their promise to ‘connect the dots between the Bible and science’,” said Bill Nixon, pastor at Cheyenne Adventist Church.

Chris Bridges, an attendee, commented, “Things I had questions about were clarified for me through Bible text.”

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—Paulette Yaple is the communication secretary at Cheyenne Seventh-day Adventist Church. Photos supplied.

Pastor Bill Nixon, Bob Dugas, Matt Miles in front of Triceratops Prorsus
Human footprint intruded by a dinosaur footprint near Glen Rose Texas