Eva Resz – Loveland, Colorado … Around 600 alumni reunited at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, rekindling their friendships, the weekend of September 15. The homecoming event included worship services, musical performances, time to gather with old classmates, and sports competitions.

During vespers Friday evening, Dick Stenbakken, an alumnus, portrayed John, disciple of Jesus, when he was exiled to the island of Patmos. His reenactment gave the audience hope of Christ’s Second Coming. Lillian Resz, sophomore student, expressed, “The performance was super entertaining and touching. It was amazing to see former Campion students together, and Mr. Stenbakken’s performance made me even more excited to reunite with God and my family in Heaven.”

At the church service, the honor classes, with graduation years ending in three or eight, were recognized. Alumni of the Year Awards were presented to Codi Jahn, Class of 2001, for her contribution to the Campion Community, and Darryl Bohlender, Class of 1971, for his service to his community. Finally, Harold Williams was inducted into the Hall of Faith for his dedication to Campion students over 28 years of teaching.

The event also included choral, orchestral, and handbell performances. Ginger Easley, Class of 1983, shared, “The music program was big for all of us, so it was really cool to see the current music program. The performances were great!”

Erik Stenbakken, Class of 1986, was the weekend’s main speaker. In his sermon, he revealed many humorous antics from his time at Campion Academy and emphasized how God works to save us, despite our own actions.

During a sundown worship service Saturday evening, current students participated in a panel discussion where they shared testimonies of how Campion Academy has changed their lives, helping them grow into spiritual leaders. Taryn Clark, Class of 2003 and former Campion staff member, reflected, “I just love that this is a place for people to get a great Christian education.”

The current students and alumni faced off in friendly competitions of soccer and volleyball on Saturday night. Alumni dominated the soccer game winning 6 to 1 while the current volleyball team beat the alumni in a close match of 3 to 2.

On Monday, 27 alumni and supporters participated in the annual Reeder Golf Classic which raised money for Campion Academy. The winning foursome was sponsored by Amy Gane’s Southmarch Veterinary Clinic and included Stefen Wilson, Christian Cable, J.D. Downs, and Cayman Ham.

As the weekend came to an end, David Marroquin, Class of 2018, advised current Campion students to, “Enjoy your years here at Campion. Make sure you cherish your youth and the time that you’re here.”

—Eva Resz, Student News Team. Photos supplied.