Campion Academy with Catie Fairfield – Loveland, Colorado … The select choir, Koinonia, at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, had the opportunity to perform at the Adventist-Laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI) Mid-America Union Convention in Thornton, Colorado, May 18.

The choir sang a series of songs: “God Wouldn’t Bring You This Far to Leave You,” “Get Away Jordan,” and “Lord I Know I’ve Been Changed.”

The convention’s featured speaker was Doug Batchelor, host of the radio program “Bible Answers Live” as well as an author of numerous books and articles. Many students looked forward to meeting Batchelor as he is known in the Adventist community.

The theme of the convention’s sermon was “A Future and a Hope” dealing with the importance of stepping into the Spirit and how we are truly alive if He acts within us.

Claire Jorgensen, Campion Academy junior student, said the sermon spoke to her: “The sermon was very comforting because it reminded me how we can be the ‘perfect Christians.’ If we aren’t displaying His character, then it is all meaningless.”

Since Koinonia was specifically chosen to perform at the convention, it felt very special to Ekenna Nwankwo, Koinania choir member. “It felt special because I felt like I was doing something important for the Adventist church,” elaborated Nwankwo. “It felt like something that would be on Hope Channel or other Adventist broadcasters.”

—Campion Academy News with Catie Fairfield, Campion Academy Student News Team. Photo supplied.