Jamey Houghton – Franktown, Colorado … Recently, I was invited to a meeting that I’m not qualified to attend. The meeting was for the newly-organized JOY Club at the Franktown Church. The JOY club, or Just Older Youth, is especially for the members in our church who are 55 years old or better. You see, I’m only 43, so I can’t really be a member of this club even though I’m the pastor. But they made an exception since I was doing the worship thought for this specific meeting.

This group was formed for several reasons. First, the social aspect of getting together is good for the soul. It’s easy to get in a routine of staying home, and this is a great excuse to enjoy the company of church family during the week. The leaders of the group, Earlene Hunt and Selma Wolfswinkle, help organize trips for everyone with plans to visit the Botanical Gardens, Estes Park, Garden of the Gods, dinners out at Acapulco and Olive Garden, game nights, and ice cream socials.

This isn’t just a social club, though. The second element of the JOY Club shows the heart of the leaders and participants who want to be a blessing to others. They are planning ways to help the homeless as well as to minister to people coming to the Franktown Church food bank each month. Plans are in the making to invite them to a meal in the fellowship hall. In addition, the group has a prayer ministry called “Circle of Prayer” and they pray for each other as well as for members who might be struggling.

I had a wonderful time with this group. They have been a blessing to the 26 people who have already signed up and participated in the activities. I’m excited to see what the Franktown JOY Club does in the future.

—Jamey Houghton is the senior pastor at Franktown Seventh-day Adventist Church. Photo supplied.