RMCNews with Samantha Nelson – Cody, Wyoming … The Cody Cowboys, along with their canine mascot, Molly, are thrilled to join the 50 other Pathfinder clubs active in RMC. Gathering for the first time on October 9 under the direction of Hardy Tyson and Anita Holdren, they worked on memorizing the Pathfinder song and the pledge and law.

“It is exciting to witness the creation of the Cody Cowboys Pathfinder Club! The name is so fitting and has a nice ring to it,” Brent Learned, RMC assistant youth director, remarked on the new Pathfinder club in Cody, Wyoming.

For Steve Nelson, pastor of the Cody church, the forming of the club ensures that the foundation is laid for the future of the church. “It is amazing to see God’s leading and blessing on our new church ministry to the youth. By starting the Cody Cowboys Pathfinder Club, new leaders are being trained that will one day be leaders in our church. I am extremely grateful for the church members who have stepped in to support and join this amazing ministry work.”

Part of the initial meeting allowed the new Pathfinders to start acquiring honors beginning with the Knot honor. The newly-formed club has two teen leadership trainees–Dean and Cedar Jeffers–assisting with the logistics of the meeting.

“I look forward to the impact these Pathfinders will have as they grow in Christ and share His love with their local Cody community,” Learned expressed enthusiastically.

–RMCNews with Samantha Nelson, wife of Steve Nelson, pastor of the Cody, Wyoming district; photos supplied