RMCNews – Denver, Colorado … The RMC Executive Committee voted on February 23 to accept and approve the nomination from the RMC Administrative Committee of Mary Lynn Green to replace Doug Inglish as Planned Giving and Trust Services director, effective April 1, 2021.

Green brings a vast experience of church employment in many institutions, including the General Conference. She has worked for RMC the last five years, most recently serving under Inglish as associate director.

“I have prayed a lot about this opportunity and am willing to take on this new responsibility because I feel it is the work Jesus wants me to do at this time. It is an honor to be part of this ministry,” Green said.

Green also added that building relationships is a vital part of the department she is about to lead. “When we first become acquainted, our clients place trust in our team to help guide them to create the best plan for their future with respect to their own priorities and for their loved ones. In this process, we become more than acquaintances and they feel like family to us. This trust [they place in us] and the relationship [we build] are a privilege that we don’t take lightly and it is clear to me that our team members care for each person we help and love the work we are called to do.”

Doug Inglish, vice-president elect of Administration, commented on Green being named as his replacement, “I am so pleased that Mary Lynn was chosen to be director of Planned Giving and Trust Services. Having worked with her for nearly four years, I am fully confident in her skills, her mastery of Trust work, and most of all, her leadership. The Rocky Mountain Conference will be well served by Mary Lynn and her department.”

Green is thankful for a dedicated team, “built under the leadership of past directors who were committed to excellence.”

For Green, prayer is at the center of her hopes for the department.

“Prayer is a foundation stone of all our interactions and we will seek [for] and rely on divine guidance to enable us to accomplish our goals. Our plans are to continue serving with excellence, to remain in touch with our current clients while assisting new clients, and make sure we have the right technology to best do this.”

Green, a Missouri native, attended Union College and began her career at Boulder Memorial Hospital.  She and her husband live outside of Denver, Colorado. They are the proud parents of two sons Tobias 21 and Yanni 24.

–RMCNews; photo supplied