RMCNews with Brandon Westgate – Ward, Colorado … Glacier View Ranch is expanding its facilities by beginning construction on the first new building project since 1995.

Rocky Mountain Conference administration, youth department personnel, and GVR staff assembled on June 3 for the groundbreaking ceremony on the 10-thousand square foot maintenance building, which will protect maintenance equipment from the weather. The building is part of a larger plan to protect and preserve the equipment used at GVR for maintaining the property and the road.

“This has been needed for a long time. The equipment at GVR will be preserved more effectively by having this building,” said Sam Hasty, associate director of camp ministries.

Echoing Hasty’s sentiments, Dan Hansen, GVR camp ministries director, said that putting everything away will “…add to the aesthetics of camp and make things more organized.”

Assistant youth director Jessyka Dooley said the building is “a beautiful balance between fun and the practical of what’s needed.”

Reflecting on the first construction project in nearly 30 years, Darin Gottfried, RMC vice president of finance and GVR board chair, explained that RMC members made it possible. “This is a much-needed facility for GVR. The faithfulness of the people in the RMC has made the funding for this project possible. I am continually amazed by the stewardship of the people of this conference.”

This construction is one-way RMC members are meeting the practical needs at GVR. “This building will extend the life of the tools and equipment at GVR, which will make us better managers of the resources allocated for ministry here. If we don’t have to use the funds here to replace equipment as often, then we can use those funds to further enhance the mission of RMC,” said Doug Inglish, RMC vice president of administration.

Mic Thurber, RMC president, is also grateful for the faithful giving by church members. “Our people have consistently demonstrated that they are not only interested in, but supportive of, youth ministry. This is just one more demonstration of their commitment to make sure we have the tools needed to reach our youth with the message of hope and salvation in Jesus.”

Reflecting on Thurber’s comments, Brandon Westgate, RMC youth director, said, “This is ultimately what all this is about.”   He added, “As a youth department, our goal is to minister to the youngest members of our RMC family. To do that, we need a place not only to facilitate spiritual conversations but also a place that creates opportunities for young people to experience joy and fellowship while they learn what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. We are fortunate to have GVR and MSR in our conference as ministry locations whose primary purpose is to help our youth discover and develop their personal walk with Jesus.”

— RMCNews with Brandon Westgate, RMC youth director; photo by Mic Thurber