Franktown, Colorado… With the closing of the Adventist Book Center, many have wondered where they are going to get their veggie meat in the future. Well, there is good news!  A new company has been started by Erin Houghton in Franktown, Colorado called Rocky Mountain Veggie Meat, LLC that will provide canned (by the case) and frozen veggie meat to the greater Denver area.

Here’s how it will work: you can order online at or call 720-257-9037 and place your order. “We will plan on having drop-off dates at Mile High Academy and the Conference Office every other month. For now as we start up, we will only be in the Denver area, but if there are enough orders from other areas, we can deliver there as well in the future,” explains Erin.

Rocky Mountain Veggie Meat plans to be open for business on January 1, 2020. You can sign up at the website to be added to the mailing list or follow their Facebook page at to keep up to date with news about ordering and drop-off times.

Dinner roast, Fri-Chik, Saucettes, Linketts and all of your favorites will still be available! Pricing will be similar to that of the ABC. Sign up for the newsletter and Rocky Mountain Veggie Meat will keep you in the loop on ordering and delivery.

–Erin Houghton