By Jessyka Dooley–Denver, Colorado … As COVID-19 sweeps the country, we’ve all experienced normal life descend into a world of online and virtual connection. From work to school to social hour, people are connecting through screens rather than in person. Find here what is available to our RMC young people:

HIGH SCHOOL VESPERS – At Campion and Mile High academies, school leaders and administration are now hosting live, Friday evening vespers for their students. Taking place at 6 p.m. MST, the academy vespers programs allow students to connect with their own schools in a positive and engaging way despite being spread out across Colorado and the country. Students tuning in to their school’s vespers receive worship, a message, and important announcements that help keep everyone united during this time apart.

Immediately following the MHA and Campion programs, the MVMNT hosts an engaging and dynamic service built upon the idea that social interaction and connection do not need to stop in a time of social distancing. Last week, participants tuned in at 7:30 p.m. MST to enjoy good conversation and a game (two rooms and a Zoom) before a short worship thought. You may be thinking, how can we play a game over Zoom? Guess you’ll need to join this coming Friday to find out! Email Pastor J. Murdock ([email protected]) for the Zoom link and password.

RMC YOUTH HOSTS WEEKLY “YOUTH LEADERS” ZOOM MEETING – In the age of COVID-19 and virtual ministry, churches and schools alike have dropped their perceived boundary lines to minister as one.

For the past three weeks, youth pastors and leaders from around the conference have connected via Zoom to discuss what virtual ministry looks like specifically for kids, teens, and young adults in the Rocky Mountain Conference. Familiar and new faces alike have joined these meetings to gain insight, ideas, and resources to benefit growth in their local contexts.

Collaborations that began long ago are now bursting with opportunity as leaders across the conference seek this new opportunity to run Bible studies, Connect Groups, and Sabbath Schools together.

The plan for 2021 has been to run a Greater Summit: Leaders for those involved in youth ministry across the conference. We’ve seen a silver lining to this global pandemic in that it has jump-started the collaboration process. Leaders from across the conference are able to connect, share, and collaborate on ministry ideas and events together. There is no more “my kids” and “your kids” because right now they are all “our kids” and we want the absolute best for them during this crazy time.

If you are a youth leader in your local church, school, or community, and would like to be part of this weekly meeting, contact Jessyka Dooley ([email protected]) for the Zoom link and password.

Jessyka Dooley is RMC associate youth director; photo by Harry Cunningham at Unsplah