By Rick Mautz–Denver, Colorado … The Rocky Mountain Lifestyle Center, a department of the Rocky Mountain Conference, has been very active during this health crisis, working to bring you helpful information.  You can access this information from by looking for specific pages devoted to COVID-19 with the labels “COVID-19” and “Daily BOOST”.

While the media has clearly presented instructions on avoiding exposure, a critical part of your protection, our purpose is to help you know how to build up your immune system, an area seldom presented by the media. Even after a vaccine is developed, the primary player in this battle will be your immune system.  If or when you are exposed to this virus, a strong immune system can react quickly to fight off this invader.  With a compromised immune system, the virus multiples more quickly and can gain the upper hand before the body can detect its presence and begin the fight.

We are fortunate to live in a time of advanced medical care and practices, but we must not forget the critical role each of us can play in maintaining health and fighting disease.  I encourage you to maintain a balanced approach to health, which includes an understanding of the power of lifestyle and things you can do for yourself that, in most cases, cost you nothing.

When we discover and implement the things we can do for ourselves, we lessen the fear and stress that weakens our immune system.  Active stress (doing something to improve our condition) is known to improve the immune system, while passive stress (fear of something we have no control over) weakens our immune system.

Take advantage of the lifestyle support on our website and remember these few steps.

  • Stress less with trust in God,
  • Get outside for fresh air, sunlight, activity while exploring God’s creation,
  • Eat a whole plant food diet while not overeating,
  • Drink plenty of water and try a daily hot and cold shower,
  • Reach out and support others by phone or other media,
  • Get plenty of rest.

Make this a time to build your health not only for this health crisis but for a happier and healthier life after it passes.

Rick Mautz is RMC health ministries director. Rocky Mountain Lifestyle Center is part of RMC.